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BESANTEK GFCI Socket Tester used to confirm the proper wiring of US standard electrical outlets/sockets/receptacles and those wired with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in residential & industrial settings.


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BESANTEK BST-ET14 Multi-Purpose Tester (ELCB/RCD/Wiring/Appliances)

BESANTEK Multi-PurposeTester is designed for testing main wiring polarity check, line current testing, earth leakage testing, fused main adapter and appliances socket appliance testing with the aid of a clamp meter, universal mains adapter, no batteries required, HRC fuse inside, fused, color-coded universal test sockets.


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BESANTEK BST-ET15 Socket Tester

BESANTEK Socket Tester which rapidly detect whether the socket's wire connection is correct or not. With several indicators to indicate the state of the socket.