Model NO: BST-HVD12

UPC Number: 752830839168

BESANTEK Hot Stick is designed to be used for the extraction of house service fuses, it can be used for disconnecting dropout fuses, isolators & fuse switch disconnection


● The hot sticks can be attached to the high voltage proximity detectors, these sticks are also the perfect companion for our contact capacitor detectors.
● Our hot sticks can be used for many other applications, for example on overhead power lines or any application which requires insulating sticks made of high quality fiber glass to protect and insulate users from high voltages.
● A wide variety of specialized fittings and tools are available to fit the ’sunrise’ head attachment.
● The head section is rated at 100kV per 300mm, it is made of orange, high quality fiber glass, super polished and tested to IEC60855.
● Comes complete with sunrise fitting and fuse extractor.
● 1.2 meter head section complete with universal sunrise fitting.
● Accessories: Instruction manual, fuse extractor head and disconnect hook (optional).

BST-HVD12: Hot Stick
BST-HVD12A: Disconnect Hook

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